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Finding Your Centre. 

A virtual day retreat. From our home to yours.

One special day where we connected whilst we were all confined to our own homes. 

An opportunity for us all to ground. To deal with the change happening around us. Find our centre.

It was needed! 

Virtual Retreat - May: About

What did we do?

8.30am: Grounding: Meditation

Hold space for yourself. Set your intentions. Drop back into your centre, from the base up.

10.45-11.15am: Coffee & Chat

Meet the team. Keep your coffee grounds!

1pm: Lunch

You set the table.


Yin & Restoration

Spill it out. Stillness.

Breath is boss: Morning flow

Juicy vinyasa flow. Slow, intentional. Delicious.

11.30am-12.30pm: Core

Sometimes to get out of our heads we have to get into our bodies. Ignite & take flight.

2-3pm: Self-care

Roll & Release. The art of touch.


Cocktail & Cake

Of course.

Virtual Retreat - May: Activities
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